Monday, November 30, 2009

My family (=

---------- --------
Maria + Angel
---------- --------
/ / /
"Alberto" "Neida" "Nancy"
[Andrea and Andres] [Paola] [Ramon and Isabel]

-Maria is my grandmother; Angel is her husband, he is my grandfather. they have 3 kids"their names are Alberto,Neida and Nancy". Alberto is my uncle, he has 2 kids "their names are Andrea and Andres". Neida is my aunt, she has only one kid "her name is Paola".Nancy is my mother, she has 2 kids "their names are Ramon and Isabel".....Andrea,Andres,Paola are my cousins and Ramon is my brother!!
-Well, here i talk a bit about of my family!

My family*

-Hello! My name is Isabel Gil. I am 17 years old, I am a universiy student.
-I live with my mother, "Nancy", my father, "Ramon", and my brother, "Ramon", in Maracaibo. We are a small family but happy (=...
-My mother is very intelligent and loving!! she is a doctor; she works everyday and she likes to eat in family.
-My father is great and self-confident !!!he is a dealer ; he works a lot.. and he likes to watch tv.
-My brother is nice!!he is a university student and he works with my mother; he is 21 years old..and he likes going to the party. I love my family..they are very important in my live*

Monday, November 2, 2009

What are they doing?
-They are dancing.
What are they dancing?
-They are dancing ballet.

What is he doing?
-He is studying
What is he studying?
-He is studying math.

What is he doing?
-He is cooking.
What is he cooking?
-He is cooking fish.

What are they doing?

- What is Spongebob doing?

He is cooking.

-What is Spongebob cooking?

He's cooking Krabby Patties.

- What is Jhon doing?

Jhon's painting.

- What is he painting?

He's painting a graffiti.
- What are you doing?

I'm studying.

- What are you studying?

I'm studying algebra.